One Year Later: A Look Back at My Website

So it’s officially been one year since I launched the website so I thought I’d do some writing about what I’ve learned from this experiment, what has changed, and what the future holds. While there might be some talk about the Patreon, I’ll leave that till early next year when I celebrate twelve months of Patreon support.

So when I started the website, my plan was to have it serve as an archive of my writing work up until this point. At some point, it transformed into an updated weekly writing blog. There have been advantages and disadvantages to this. An advantage to this is that every week I get to practice my writing. One disadvantage is that the pieces don’t get a massive amount of time in the oven which has its drawbacks.

Another advantage is that I can get out all my feelings about pop culture ephemera. Another disadvantage is that I worry that I’m devaluing my work by putting up so much content that can be accessed for free essentially. The Patreon support subsidises that a bit and I’m eternally grateful to everyone gives but it is a thought that hangs over my head some days.

The website itself is a more attractive beast as compared to when I started, however, I’m hoping to overhaul the design soon. Once I work out all the quality of life options that I can include.

One of the big successes of the website was the piece ‘Object’ which is a piece that I adore and wish that I could submit it to a literary journal (lit journals don’t appreciate previously published content). Object is by far the most read piece on the website. The low points of the website are the handful of articles that have a couple views at most. It might seem cold and distant to think of the content on this page in terms of audience, but the fact is that I love it when audiences connect with a piece of content. As long as one person what I wrote on any given week, I consider that a piece a success in some small way.

Moving forward, I would like to find a way for people to find older content that they’re interested in besides just clicking on a tag of a recent piece. I’m also looking at including other types of content on the website. I’m currently mulling over the idea of a fiction podcast and the power of that medium. I’m also chewing over the idea of video. Honestly, my goal by this time next year is to get a regular readership in the triple digits. It might require me to shift my focus into growing my audience.

These are just some thoughts floating in my head. What have you enjoyed over the past year? What haven’t you enjoyed?

Finally, thank you to everyone who decided to read at least one thing written by me this past year. Having people read my work is one of the most important things to me when it comes to this website.


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