Best Games of 2017

So, once more the Earth makes it way around the Sun. 2017 was tumultuous, to say the least. However, as we approach 2018 and the day that Disney finally buys everything under the sun, it’s time to get introspective about the pop culture we loved this year. Joining me this year is my partner, Zoe, as we reflect on the pop culture on the past year.


I’m not really plugged into the gaming world. I enjoy the media around games, but it’s hard for a game to grab me. That’s why I was surprised when this little mobile game got its hooks into me. The game is Zen Koi 2 (updated Dec 13, 2017). In this game, you collect Koi fish in a pond, level them up by eating smaller organisms, breed them to make interesting patterns, and eventually power them up enough that they ascend to become a dragon. Yeah, you heard me, a freakin’ DRAGON. The game had me ensnared for a few days and was a nice calming experience and that’s why it’s my pick of the year.




I didn’t play many 2017 released in 2017. I spent the first half of the year catching up on titles that I missed from last year and sinking my teeth into Overwatch. Nearly every major release this year just wasn’t doing for me. All of them, except the ones released on Switch. Partly, this entry is a testament to how good gaming on the Switch felt. I borrowed my brother’s Switch on a nightly basis for months to get through this game. My game of 2017 is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. At first, I was curious.

I’m not big on Zelda but I wanted to feel how the Nintendo Switch felt as a console, primarily as a handheld because I like to play my games that way. Early on, I struggled with Zelda. Until I learned how to cook. At some point, between conquering my first Divine Beast and my second, the game clicked for me. All the mechanics made sense and I began to enjoy every aspect of the game. The element of exploration was so enticing. Every corner held a secret and a story. One of the best features to me was the fact that you could climb almost anything. It made traversing the world dynamic and exciting. In a year where Skyrim saw multiple re-releases, the promise of seeing a mountain and climbing it was more vividly realised in Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild is an open world that is just enjoyable to be in and full of engaging content.


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