Spider-man Fatigue

So, the new Spider-man Homecoming trailer came out. I watched it a couple times. Now, I should preface this with some stuff. Ever since Avengers I’ve gone to see every Marvel movie, and ever since Thor: The Dark World I’ve been to every new one with my partner. It’s rather easy to hear about and see a new Marvel movie every six months. I’ve enjoyed most every entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on some level. I watch the TV shows. I’m generally quite an involved individual in the MCU. There have only been a couple of MCU things that I had no interest in: the now-cancelled Marvel Most Wanted, and Spider-man Homecoming. This isn’t Spider-man Homecoming’s fault (in fact Michael Keaton’s Vulture could another great villain for the MCU if he lives up to his trailer presence), or the fault of Tom Holland, or fatigue with the whole MCU. No, now you might have guessed what I’m feeling due to the title. I’ve got Spider-man Fatigue.

Now I’ve seen four out of the last five Spider-man movies (I missed Amazing Spider-man 2, can’t remember why. I hear I dodged a bullet). I enjoyed the ones I watched all to some degree. I’m easy to please with superhero movies. I can switch my brain off for a movie if I buy into the universe of the story. You have to do something particularly heinous to offend me out of your movie or franchise (*cough* BatmanvSupermanisatopicforafuturepost *cough). Anyway, like I was saying I’ve enjoyed most of the Spider-man movies and Spider-man Homecoming may be the first Marvel movie I don’t see. Let’s get into why.

So first off, it doesn’t help that the first footage I saw from this film was shot in first person and felt like the FMV introduction to a late 90s video game (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbLP_SmhtuM). Though I must confess that the problem goes back further than that. I never saw the grand appeal of Spider-man. Like I get why he became popular and why a lot of young nerds identify Parker as a power fantasy but none of that ever gelled with me. Now if I was a little less introspective I might say that I found Parker whiny, and I did, but since that feels like a cop out I want to delve deeper into my feelings on Parker before I approach my other major systems of Spider-man fatigue. One big issue I have with the Spider-man story is that it’s not super relatable? Which sounds unusual but hear me out.

Part of Spider-man’s character is that he has guilt issues. He feels guilty about his selfishness killing his uncle Ben. He feels guilty for not being able to save Gwen Stacy. Now, I want to preface my statements hereafter with the fact that I’ve never read a Spider-man comic so if this is something he deals with in the comics, whatever. That’s kind of a moot point because this is about my feelings on Spider-man and I’m not going to be reading Spider-man comics anytime soon. Anyway, I understand feeling guilty for stuff. To get rather personal, I had guilt issues during my final year of high school. I was dealing with family stuff and it felt like I had to take sides. Eventually, I realised that I had to take my own side. Not a super fun time for me but I’m past it now and don’t like bringing it up. Anyway, being torn apart by family is not the same as feeling guilty about all the death that surrounds you. But when it comes to Peter Parker, it feels like he’s constantly emotionally stunted for the sake of story. We never really get to see his progression through uncle Ben’s death and his acceptance that it’s something that’s not intrinsically his fault because he can’t control other people’s actions. We never get to see him move past uncle Ben’s death because it’s his motivation for being Spider-man. He accepts death as just part of life, he stops being Spider-man (in the movies at least). Weirdly enough, his arc with Sandman in Spider-man 3 is actually what I want from that character, but that film has … other problems.

Now I can understand how that last paragraph might feel to someone more connected to Spider-man than myself, and there’s the legitimate criticism that Homecoming doesn’t seem to delve into any of that for Peter Parker. That makes me slightly more positive about the movie. However, that aspect of Spider-man has been part of five Spider-man films now. He’s sort of stuck with me unfairly judging him for that. You can’t erase the last five films from my memory. Despite my misgivings, I actually like the first two Spider-man movies, but therein lies the rub. Not just my issue but the issue many of my peers might share with me. There’ve been too many movies. Some of them are fine on their own but they don’t exist in a vacuum. I need something new from Homecoming and it feels less like something new and more like just a melting pot of everything that came before. Some people might love that. I do not.

Also, I don’t like Iron Man and he seems to be in this movie.

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