Chris Mackenzie looked out at the still waters of the Loch. He probably wasn’t the first person to stand on its edge, hoping to catch a glimpse of the famed Loch Ness Monster. He was different though. He had history on his side. His great-grandfather had reported seeing the monster. He was one of the first. The fact that he had only mentioned it after the famous ‘surgeon’s photograph’ made it questionable. Chris believed his great-grandfather though and he’d travelled to Scotland to prove something.

He’s a fool. Full of high-minded ideas about his ancestry.


The Holiday

Ronan looked over the bright blue bubbling sea. He looked above to the cloudless blue sky with its taunting yellow sun shining down on the earth below. The day was a balmy thirty-degree day on the east coast of Australia. Down below he heard the frolicking laughs of young kids and their nagging of their parents filling the pool area. He stood on his balcony, noting the slight breeze. This was a perfectly lovely day, he told himself as he tried desperately to believe it. He felt the cool tiles of the balcony against his bare feet and decided it was time to head inside.


La Belle et La Bête

Bête stepped out onto the balcony that overlooked the verdant grounds. The cold wind bit at the matted fur that covered her hands. She placed her clawed nails on the cold stone of the balcony and tapped them melodically. She looked at the world below. The overgrown, dilapidated ruin that had once been her family’s estate. Then, on the edge of her vision, something brown crept into the lush greens of her garden. A creature had appeared in her family home. A trespasser.

Time is running out. This could be our chance.


The Spy Who Audited Me

From the desk of Hugh Williams – Head of Finance at MI6

Costing of last mission – to be raised with Mallory:

  1. Q Branch
    • Exploding pen – £62
    • Cufflinks, filled with nerve gas – £131.20
    • Aston Martin V8 Vantage, plus accessories and weapons – £246,996
    • Walther PPK, with biometric scanner in handle (plus ammunition) – £623.10
    • Holsters (shoulder and leg) – £116
  2. Damages to country infrastructure
    • Soviet-era tank, hijacked and driven through downtown Kiev – £38,605.80
    • 18 civilian vehicles, insurance payouts – £160,564.90
    • 3 local police cars, insurance payouts – £33, 812.90
    • Damage to local roads – £6,4001,948.25
    • Damage to private property – £39,385,814.30
  3. JB, personal expenses
    • Salary – £1,538
    • Flights – £382.20
    • Equipment (see Q Branch a-e, shipping and handling costs) – £672.80
    • Expenses
      • 3 tailor made suits – £11,666.70
      • Rolex watch – £27,170
      • Firearm licence (domestic) – £62
      • Hotel Room, five nights (+ lost deposit) – £3,171.45
      • Meal costs – £2,500
      • Casino money (to infiltrate criminal organisation) – £9,156,946.40
      • Healthcare plan (venereal diseases) – £256.30
    •  Drinks
      • 7 Vodka Martinis, shaken, not stirred – £140
      • 6 Heinekens – £8
      • 3 shots of vodka – £21
  4. Total costings – £113,073,209.30


The Last Human

They say she lives in the Undercity. They say it reminds her of home. She is the last human. I went looking for her. It is not an easy path. Not many people travel to the Undercity anymore, just plunderers and scavengers. Not company I often associate with. An old friend, Nate, heard I was looking for a way into the Undercity. He took me to a bar on the street level. I rarely visited the lower levels. My work was in an office building. My home was in another skyscraper. All my friends lived in the high rises of the Overcity.

Nate introduced me to a man. The man was bald and in his mid-fifties, well, that was the face he wore at least. None of us aged anymore; we’re all made of synthetic parts. The only thing connecting us to our human heritage being our consciousness, though philosophers still debate whether the consciousness our bodies inherited was the same that belonged to our historic humanity.


The Wild Hunt


Woden appeared before me as I slept. The haggard form of the All-father stood near eight feet. The glimmering wings of his helmet almost touched the ceiling of my longhouse. In one hand, he held a spear. In the other, he held a shield. Woden looked upon me with his one remaining eye. I began to realise that I was floating above my bed. Woden lay his shield and spear along the wall of my longhouse and removed his glimmering helmet from his head and held it outward.

The Hunt needs a leader.


Big Cats

Geelong Advertiser, August 23rd, 2017: Reports of infamous roaming big cats in You Yangs

Reports have cropped up again of big cats prowling the local area. Over the past twenty years, there have been numerous individuals claiming that they have seen the mysterious black cats. The individual, Nathan Hawthorne, claims he was climbing the You Yangs when across the valley on another cliffside he spotted the creature. His description, that of a cat roughly the size of a German Shepherd, match that of other similar reports across the state. So far, no substantial evidence has surfaced confirming the existence of this big cats.


Officer Whitcombe didn’t know what she expected. She had parked off Big Rock Road and was waiting for the ‘expert’. In the distance, she could see a red Ford Focus. It looked to be about ten years old. She fully expected the car to be a family, heading out to the You Yangs with their kids. She had often been taken hiking against her will in these hills as a child. As the Ford Focus came closer she spotted the two men sitting in the car. Her suspicions that one of these two might be the experts were soon confirmed when the car pulled up beside her.