Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Madonna-Whore Complex

I’m a big fan of Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. Look, there are plenty of reasons to not gel with this film. It has weird tonal problems, the villain wants to commit genocide and feels weird about his boner, it’s an adaptation of a French novel that seems largely concerned with architecture over people. In my younger years, I was certainly more of a Lion King fan but as I entered adolescence my tastes changed. Hunchback was now the film for me. There is a lot to like thematically in Hunchback of Notre Dame, and themes tend to pull me in. The tyranny of godly men, the oppression of minorities, don’t judge a book by its cover, and so on. When I was an angst-ridden teen, convinced that I was an un-loveable monstrosity, that last theme appealed a lot. Now that I’m older, there’s another theme that grabs me. How do the men of Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame view and objectify Esmeralda?


Why I Think Nintendo Labo Will Be a Success

So, a week or so again, Nintendo released a trailer for a new piece of tech they have coming for the Nintendo Switch. This is Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo is a set of constructible cardboard accessories for the Switch. The Switch and its JoyCons are placed within this cardboard and this set-up allows for strange and wonderful uses of the Switch. The base set includes a piano, a fishing rod, and a house among other things. The response from those interested in the Switch has been mixed to say the least. However, I have great faith in Nintendo Labo for a few reasons.


Slow Burn and the Benefit of Looking Back

So, recently I’ve been listening to a podcast called Slow Burn. The podcast is about Watergate. The podcast’s thesis statement could be ‘what was it like living through Watergate’. Now, why would I care about Watergate? Well, there’s a certain poetry at creating a comprehensive look at Watergate now. In the midst of political scandals and suspected top-level corruption, it’s interesting to see the moments in which Watergate turned. Now, chances are, if you’re of my age or younger, you know some things about Watergate e.g. ‘the Watergate is a hotel in Washington’, ‘something about a break-in’, ‘Nixon’s secret tapes’, “I am not a crook”, ‘Woodward and Bernstein’, ‘Deep Throat’, ‘President Impeached’. (Though notably, articles of impeachment were never filed against Nixon as he resigned before then, and was pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford).


Harry Potter’s Epilogue Doesn’t Feel Right

Alright! Welcome to 2018. Now, time to talk about a book that came out eleven years ago and a movie that came out eight years ago. Now, in case you missed the whole thing I am going to spoil the series as a whole. So, let’s recap. Harry Potter is the story of a racist dictator, obsessed with immortality who was defeated by a teenager. Voldermort’s belief system is based on a belief that only ‘pure-blood’ wizards are true wizards and that ‘mudbloods’ are dirty pretenders and usurpers. This, despite the fact that he’s a Muggle-born wizard himself. That little hypocrisy is part of the theming used within the series. Overall, JK Rowling is very wise with her theming. There is a general throughline in the text about respect for those are downtrodden and discriminated against. Racism is bad! Yay! Only the worst of the worst people would utterly disagree with that sentiment.

However, I believe that there’s another aspect of Harry Potter that falls by the wayside a bit. Now, before I talk about my issues with the epilogue of Harry Potter, first I’m going to talk about S.P.E.W. (more…)

New Years Eve

10 …

Stacy was alone, again, on New Year’s Eve.

9 …

Well, not alone, as such. She’d actually attended quite a sizeable house party.

8 …

She was alone romantically. There are two times that being single is brought into full view. One is Valentines Day. The other is midnight on New Year’s Eve.

7 …

Were there eligible men at this party? Well, that would depend on your definition of eligible. There were certainly single men. They just weren’t what she was looking for.

6 …

There was Dave the accountant, who could put anyone to sleep when they asked him what he did for a living. There was Stan, who was mildly creepy and had already tried it on with the host’s girlfriend, as well as other not so single individuals.

5 …

There were others but just like Dave and Stan, they weren’t exactly prime partner material. So, Stacy supposed that being single was preferable to being dismal in a relationship with the Daves or Stans of the world.