Ok, Let’s Talk About Patreon

I was actually planning to write this retrospective for next week. However, Patreon did some things that have made me reflect on my relationship with the crowdfunding platform. So, a week early, here is my Patreon retrospective.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Patreon over the past year. Your support has been a bedrock of this website. If there is one thing I have lacked in my previous creative pursuits it has been consistency. The key to the success of any creative project is continuous engagement with the project. There have been weeks were my motivation to write for this website has been non-existent. The thought that people have put money on the table for my writing each month has dragged me through those bouts of non-creativity. If there’s one thing that I hate doing, that’s disappointing people. For me, the people are what’s important about Patreon.

Patreon has allowed me to do some great things. The website has slowly been improved (more improvements are coming down the pipeline), people have been drawn to the website via Facebook advertising, business cards have been created that streamline the in-person process of directing people to my website. Trust me when I say that bigger things are coming as well. Patreon allows me to fund aspects of the website that I would never have been able to on my own.

Now, considering how important Patreon is to me, I was aghast at what the company announced last week. There was (and fortunately, is no longer) a plan to shift the fees from the current model where the lump sum for the creator is charged and taken out of their monthly payment and putting that cost on to Patreon supporters. Now I’m no good at math and most of the graphs confused me. However, due to the nature of this change, supporters would receive at least a 35c increase in each pledge they make. Needless to say, if you can only afford $1 a month for five creators, that suddenly becomes a lot less feasible. This was going to happen without any consultation with creators or supporters.

I wanted to warn my Patreon supporters about this, but I was on holiday. I had committed myself to no work. I monitored the situation to give my Patreon supporters an update when I returned. Fortunately, the decision was reversed and fees remain unchanged. However, this whole debacle has made me consider that I should be looking out for alternatives. Last week, I realised that I have few alternatives if Patreon were to suddenly make a change that I couldn’t endure.

I’ve also realised recently that next year I’ve got some great creative projects that I want to work on. However, these big projects are monetarily out of my scope. That’s why I also plan to work at making my current Patreon campaign a better version of itself. I’ll be investigating what works for Patreon supporters and what doesn’t. Thinking of ways to improve the campaign and how to attract new individuals.

So, my final thoughts are that this is only the beginning but every Patreon supporter had made it a magical beginning and every achievement of this website is one that they should share the credit for.

Now, about the Death Laser that I’m funding …


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